Paragraph Test - 29

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
Nicotine is a dangerous substance. It attacks the lungs, the heart and the brain. It has killed more people than the great epidemics of typhoid, tuberculosis and yellow fever. At an international seminar on addiction, habituation and pharmacology of tobacco, there was general concurrence that the presumed action of nicotine would link smoking dependence with other major forms of dependence, such as heroin and alcohol. Although most smokers don't realize it, the stimulus they inhale is a volatile, poisonous chemical that is categorised as an organic nerve drug so powerful that a one-drop injection would cause instant death. In fact, it is believed that the drug action of nicotine is a primary cause of more deaths each year than are caused by that most frightening of the hard drugs, heroin.

1. We learn from the passage that at the seminar people agreed that ----.

 A) mortality from nicotine was much more than that of most dangerous diseases, like tuberculosis
 B)  just one drop of nicotine injection was enough for a healthy person to lose his life
 C)  nicotine addiction was as dangerous since it could lead to drug or alcohol addiction
 D)  had it not been for nicotine, many deaths might not have occurred
 E)  someone who is addicted to cigarettes has a defective heart

2. As it is pointed out in the passage, nicotine is such a dangerous substance that ----.

 A)  it inherits lung pollutants
 B)  it is sold everywhere over 300 million packets a year
 C)  this drug comes in cigarettes that so many people consume eagerly
 D)  even a drop of it causes to death of a person
 E)  it is responsible for more than a half million fatalities

3. We can understand from the passage that nicotine ----.

 A)  has caused more deaths than heroine
 B)  leads to typhoid and yellow fever
 C)  and alcohol together are categorized organic
 D)  is a hard drug which one can be easily addicted
 E)  is a stimulant that helps keep awake

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