Paragraph Test - 28

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
In Memphis, Tennessee, the unofficial capital of the Mississippi Delta, many people, black and white, have always been drawn to the blues music. It is this racial cross-over that helped inspire Memphis's most famous adopted son, Elvis Presley, to fuse black blues and white country and gospel music into rock'n'roll. Whereas rock'n'roll became universally popular, very few black blues musicians gained commercial success, and the blues remained no more than a side-show, .appreciated mainly by the poor blacks who created it in the first place. Surprisingly though, it was white rock groups from Britain, particularly the Rolling Stones, who popularised the great American blues guitarists and singers by acknowledging their debt to them.

1. According to the passage, rock'n'roll ----.

 A)  is a combination of black and white music
 B)  helped to inspire Elvis Presley
 C)  has never been appreciated by the black population
 D)  has always been a side-show
 E)  is most popular among poor blacks

2. The author tells us that rock'n'roll ----.

 A)  has never been as popular as the blues
 B)  achieved more popularity than the blues
 C)  became popular owing to blues musicians
 D)  became most famous in Memphis, the capital of Mississippi
 E)  is better sung by whites than blacks

3. The author finds it surprising that ----.

 A)  the Rolling Stones became so famous outside Britain
 B)  Elvis Presley gained world fame as a rock'n'roll singer
 C)  blues musicians were brought to public attention by white British rock groups
 D)  blacks and whites in Memphis could get along so peacefully
 E)  the Mississippi Delta has produced so many famed musicians, both black and white

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