Paragraph Test - 27

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
The structural perfection of the human brain corresponds to its functional perfection. That is, man didn't become man after he had acquired his brain capacity or complexity. Rather, he was given a brain according to his functions with respect to other creatures and to the duties he was expected to perform. Thinking, as evolutionists do, that brains in animals grew more complex and their " intellectual capacity " increased in parallel with the line of evolution, means attributing all the intellectual faculties an activities like thinking, reasoning, imagination, speaking and so on, to the brain as a physical entity. This is the crudest sort of materialism and reduces man's existence entirely to matter, rejecting the existence of the spirit, and spiritual dimension of man.

1. It is stated in the passage that human brain is ----.

 A) complex and this complexity shouldn't be despised
 B) structurally and functionally perfect
 C) expected to perform some duties
 D) like an animal brain
 E) enlarged to function better

2. According to evolutionists, ----.

 A) man was given a brain according to his functions
 B) their theory is based on materialism
 C) the existence of man's spirit shouldn't be rejected
 D) as brains of animals grew more complex, their intellectual capacity increased
 E) man is the most perfect creature in the universe

3. This hypothesis indicates that ----.

 A) there is no difference among human beings
 B) human brain is perfect
 C) intellectual faculties and activities are attributed to the brain as a physical entity
 D) man became man after he'd acquired his brain capacity
 E) brains in animals are much more complex than brains in human beings

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