Paragraph Test - 24

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
When did man first start to think about the stars? The answer lies in pre-history. Most of the early people who noticed the movements of heavenly bodies in the night skies were probably hunters or shepherds. They could not write, so we have no idea of what they saw and thought. Everybody would have noticed the daily rising and setting of the Sun, and how it was lower in the sky in winter than in summer. They would see the regular changes in shape, the phases, of the Moon, and wonder what was happening. People in those days were the priests. We know that Ancient Egyptian priests used to study the movements of heavenly bodies in a systematic way some 2000 years BC. And the Chinese invented the 365-day calendar year, which we now use, as early as 1600BC.

1. We have no data about the movements of heavenly bodies in ancient times ----.

 A) although man first started to observe in pre-history
 B) because the Chinese were illiterate
 C) but people have no idea about stars
 D) because everybody observed the rising and setting of the Sun
 E) because watching stars was banned by the priests

2. Early people ----.

 A) made up stories as an explanation to what they saw
 B) had an idea of the movements of the Moon
 C) couldn't notice the daily rising and setting of the Sun
 D) were deceived by the priests
 E) encouraged the Chinese to invent the 365-day calendar

3. Ancient Egyptian priests ----.

 A) were the most clever of all
 B) worshipped the heavenly bodies as Gods
 C) enabled people to develop their intelligence
 D) invented the calendar with the help of the Chinese
 E) observed the movements of heavenly bodies methodically

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