Paragraph Test - 21

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
African countries place the blame of their economic failure on the lack of support by rich countries, when in reality the causes of Africa's failure lie in misguided policies of the governments. The rulers spend heavily on modern machinery that is not feasible by imposing some of the world's highest taxes although Africa is capable of feeding itself even without modern farming methods. Most of the farmers can't pay these taxes and they are punished by destruction of their markets and by being thrown into jail. With so many farmers in prison it is not possible for African nations to overcome the famine problem. By removing these policies, they can increase food production and problems with hunger will experience a decrease.

1. The passage mainly discusses ----.

A) the reasons why African countries experience an economic failure
B) the financial aid crisis in African countries
C) the distribution of foreign aids by the United Nations
D) the need for modernisation in farming methods in Africa
E) overspending by African farmers

2. It can be inferred from the passage that food production will increase if ----.

A) more money is invested into the modern machinery
B) governments take over the farming industry
C) the government does not regulate the prices for food
D) criminals are not thrown into jail
E) the governments in Africa change the tax regulations

3. According to the passage, high taxes in African countries ----.

A) have helped to increase food production in Africa
B) will improve the situation in the long term
C) have been declining since the modernisation started
D) are the result of the African governments' wrong policies
E) are the most effective method of resolving the famine problem

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