Situational Response Test - 15

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You are at a seminar on in-company training. During one session, a speaker says that in company training is not compulsory in any country. You correct him:

 A) I think you are talking completely rubbish.
 B) I’d like to correct one thing you said; in my country, in-company trainings is compulsory by law.
 C) I don’t think it might be more accurate to say that in-company training isn’t compulsory anywhere.
 D) I think it might be more accurate to say that in-company training isn’t compulsory anywhere.
 E) I need to correct you here because in-company training is not compulsory in any country.
Everyone in the department store seems to be greatly impressed by the new technician, but you know him better than they do. So, you decide to contradict this impression and say:

 A) I’m afraid I don’t agree with you, either.
 B) I can tell you he is not what he seems to be.
 C) I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in him later.
 D) I’m sure he’ll prove useful in the department.
 E) He just needs a little encouragement, I suppose.
You’ve got together with a group of neigbours to complain about the newly moved noisy musician in your building. Having agreed, one of them tells the musician about this disturbance and sarcastically says :

 A) We would like you to play in the morning if you don’t mind.
 B) We wish you stopped doing music or else we will call the police.
 C) Is it possible if we came and watch while you’re making music?
 D) Would you mind our listening to music loudly ?
 E) We feel as if we were in a concert hall.
You are sailing in the sea with a close friend. After a while, you want to swim. While both of you are swimming in a desolate place, your friend suddenly has a cramp on the leg and calls for help. You are rather far away so you shout:

 A) If you didn't know how to swim, why did you take me on this sailing trip?
 B) I don't ever want to go sailing with you again.
 C) Don't you know how to swim?
 D) Calm down. Wait for me. I'm coming as quickly as I can!
 E) What's the problem with your leg?
You are in charge of a building site and want to discuss, as soon as possible, a technical problem with the chief engineer. As he is not at his office, you leave the following message:

 A) I’m leaving early. Please keep an eye on the site.
 B) I wonder if we can meet for a drink after work tonight.
 C) You might have told me that you were going to have visitors.
 D) The cement hasn’t been delivered. Why not?
 E) There’s a problem we must discuss. It is urgent.

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