Situational Response Test - 14

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
Your friend wants another pint of beer. However, he has to drive home and he has already had too much to drink. You say:

 A) You had better drink another glass of beer, so that we can be together a little longer.
 B) I have to remind you that you will have to drive me home after you have drunk this beer.
 C) Why don’t you buy a pint of beer for me, too?
 D) I would rather you drank whisky than beer as you have already drunk too much beer.
 E) You had better not drink any more alcohol as you will have to drive home.
A friend of yours has asked for your honest opinion about someone you know to be a cheat and from every point of view unreliable and unpleasant. You answer bluntly:

 A) I know nothing against him but I know nothing in his favour either.
 B) From what I know of him he's a most undesirable character and can't be trusted an inch.
 C) I’ve only met him once or twice; so I don't feel I can say anything about him.
 D) He's not my type, but I know nothing personal against him.
 E) A lot of people don’t like him; but perhaps they are jealous of him: He's awfully rich you know.
A friend has been suffering from backache for several months but keeps putting off seeing a doctor. You decide that the time has come to force him to seek medical advice. You say:

 A) You know as well as I do that it could be serious. And, if it is serious the sooner you start treatment the better.
 B) Never mind. I expect it’s nothing serious and will pass with time.
 C) Stop making such a fuss. Everybody has the odd pain.
 D) If you take a couple of pain killers every night it will help you sleep.
 E) Do stop worrying! The doctor said there was nothing seriously wrong. Why don’t you believe him?
You and your friend are going to spend a week with some friends who live in another city. It takes 10 hours by car. You want to drive 10 hours in one day but your friend not. You try to persuade your friend and say :

 A) We can’t see all the natural beauties if we go fast.
 B) We wouldn’t have to spend two days getting there and a lot of money on a hotel.
 C) If you don’t want to come, I can find another driver.
 D) You must have forgotten how to get there.
 E) Why don’t we invite them instead?
At an interview for a new job you are asked why you want to leave your present job: You want to make a good impression and say:

 A) I must say I’m puzzled by the unemployment figures issued this morning.
 B) I know many people are looking for new jobs; I am fortunate as I have already got a very good one.
 C) The people at the place where I work are very sociable and I would hate to give up my job.
 D) I find my present job too simple and tedious. I want an opportunity to demonstrate my creativity.
 E) It seems you are going to interview a lot of people and that will take much time.

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