Situational Response Test - 13

Choose the best option according  to given situation.
You have a hardworking classmate. But he is poor to carry on his further studies. Since he is rather lacking in confidence, you want to encourage him to apply for a scholarship. You say:

 A) They are not even considering applications from your university. It’s time you faced the fact that you are not up-to-standard for an academic career.
 B) A lot of people have already applied, so you don’t stand much chance.
 C) If you had worked a bit harder you might have stood a chance.
 D) It seems to me you've got all the right qualifications. Why don’t you apply? If you aren't accepted, there's no harm done.
 E) If you ask me, it would just be a waste of time for you to apply but if you want to, do.
At a board meeting, you are shocked to find that a new resolution has been passed in your absence. As many other members of the board were also away that day, you protest by saying:

 A) I believe that the policies of this committee are unfair and need to be revaluated.
 B) The committee shouldn't have decided the issue when so many members weren't present.
 C) I will submit my resignation on Thursday.
 D) We need to elect a new chairman.
 E) Lets have a caucus to decide the major policy for this term.
Someone has come to visit you in your office and seems prepared to waste your whole morning. You decide to send him away, but without being unkind. You say:

 A) Do come and see me this morning as I have nothing to do in the office.
 B) We have been discussing the proposals made by the study group, and it is very nice of you to join us.
 C) Let's continue this conversation at another time. I've got an important meeting scheduled for this afternoon, and need to go over the main points in the agenda.
 D) It has been such a long time since I saw you last; tell me what you have been doing all this time.
 E) I haven't seen anything of your brother for months. What is he doing?
You're going to a "black-tie" party and therefore must wear formal clothes. You have a beautiful evening gown but no appropriate jewelry. You would like to borrow your mother's diamond earrings, which she treasures. So, you go to her and say:

 A) Could I borrow your diamonds for one night? I promise to take special care of them.
 B) Do you have any jewelry that would match my gown?
 C) I need your rings or I'll look like a fool.
 D) Remember those earrings that you never wear anymore? I think I'm old enough for you to give them to me now.
 E) Mother, please give me your diamonds. Oh yeah-please.
You have a very close friend who is lonely and helpful. You want to encourage him to do unpaid work at a local orphanage. You say:

 A) The orphanage at the other side of town is advertising for helpers and they pay well
 B) You’re right. It can be rather depressing working in an orphanage
 C) You’re good with children. You'll soon get involved with the orphanage children and they’ll be like a family for you.
 D) You’ll find the job very tiring and I don’t think you're fit enough to do it.
 E) My daughter hopes to work in an orphanage when she has taken her degree.

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