Grammar Review Test - 12

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. The biggest hall in town ....... for George and Sally's wedding reception, thinking that a lot of people ........ and they were upset to see that only half of it was full.
 A) has been hired / attended
 B) is hired / will have attended
 C) was hired / would attend
 D) has hired / have attended
 E) was hiring / had attended
2. The Indus, along with the Nile, the Tigris and the Euphrates, is one of the great rivers along ....... banks ancient civilisations grew up.
 A) whose
 B) that
 C) what
 D) which
 E) whom
3. Though the other side didn't play ........ we played even ........ so it's no wonder that we lost.
 A) good / badly
 B) so well / worst
 C) as well / so bad
 D) well / worse
 E) good enough / too badly
4. We can go to Konya by bus, plane or train, but ......... we go, we want it to be cheap and comfortable.
 A) whichever
 B) however
 C) wherever
 D) whatever
 E) whenever
5.  Jeff ........ to Alaska for a two-year period last month because of his job; however, he would rather ........ somewhere with a warm climate.
 A) should be moving / to have transferred
 B) had to move / have been transferred
 C) has had to move / transferred
 D) was going to move / to be transferred
 E) must have moved / to transfer
6. We ....... a hotel worse than the one we stayed at: the food was awful, the beds were uncomfortable and the staff were extremely rude.
 A) won't be choosing
 B) didn't use to choose
 C) had better not choose
 D) couldn't have chosen
 E) must not have chosen
7. I wouldn't mind ....... to the restaurant if there isn't enough room in the car for all of us ........ in. It's only a short distance.
 A) to walk / to have fitted
 B) to be walking / fit
 C) to have walked / fitted
 D) having walked / to be fitted
 E) walking / to fit
8. The east coast of Malaysia is a great place to visit because it ....... has long white sandy beaches, ....... a year-round nearly perfect climate.
 A) not only / but also
 B) so many / that
 C) the more / the longer
 D) whether / or
 E) no sooner / than
9. I wish I ....... to France next year, because now I will have to learn French.
 A) am not going to transfer
 B) haven't been transferred
 C) wasn't being transferred
 D) won't be transferring
 E) wouldn't have transferred
10. Wherever humans have been present in large numbers for a long time, ......... India and China, the need for land for agriculture and settlement has meant the destruction of wildlife and natural vegetation.
 A) while
 B) such
 C) rather
 D) just as
 E) such as
11. In Southeast Asia, the once extensive tropical rain forest is rapidly disappearing .......... logging operations, population growth and agricultural expansion.
 A) in addition
 B) elsewhere
 C) wherever
 D) owing to
 E) instead of
12. I have never stated that I support capital punishment. .......... I have spoken forcefully against it on several occasions.
 A) On the contrary
 B) Consequently
 C) Otherwise
 D) Therefore
 E) Similarly
13. Jane has had such a wonderful trip through Europe that she wishes she ........ return to the US next week.
 A) doesn't have to
 B) won't have to
 C) didn't have to
 D) wouldn't have to
 E) hasn't had to
14. They ....... an agreement, or they ....... so satisfied now.
 A) should reach / don't have to look
 B) would have reached / needn't look
 C) must have reached / wouldn't look
 D) ought to have reached / didn't look
 E) might reach / won't have looked
15. The two sides finally began peace negotiations after fighting ......... for over a decade.
 A) one another
 B) another
 C) some other
 D) the other
 E) others
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