Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 8

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ………..... that students began to leave his course.
 A) They heard a terrible explosion and the people screaming for help
 B) The professor became so dogmatic in his expression of opinions
 C) That it was the hottest day of their tour to the ancient temple
 D) What they found was more exciting than they had expected
 E) The weather conditions had been terrible since the day they got to the city
2. On a visit to the Art Centre in Los Angeles,............ , I was shown some of the work in progress by Ronald Hill, head of transportation design.
 A) which runs a course for vehicle designers
 B) a dozen hands hovered about it every minute
 C) accepting their stuff after proper scrutiny
 D) most British newspapers are not necessarily careful about language
 E) that was carefully designed for future cars
3. When two ships collided in thick fog in the English Channel, both were holed close to water - line. In spite of this damage, ………..... .
 A) one was a cargo boat carrying fruit and apparently bound for London
 B) unfortunately, there were some casualties among the crews and the passengers
 C) the captains did not realize the danger until only seconds before the collision took place
 D) a British Rail cross channel ferry was on its regular run from Dover to Dunkirk
 E) the two ships managed to reach the nearby port under their own steam
4. Although Tim had been in the lead for most of the race, as they reached the final bend, ......... .
 A) the race will not be succeeded unless they are carefully planned
 B) the first step is to persuade yourself he can do it
 C) he felt completely exhausted when he passed Marion after half-an-hour.
 D) Graham caught level and threatened to overtake him.
 E) just like an actor waiting in the wings, he was warming up for the big race
5. It is hard for foreign student wives to be able to make many American friends …....…. .
 A) this situation makes it almost impossible or them to go out often and meet people
 B) because most of them can speak English when they first come here
 C) even if there is no chance to make many friends in America
 D) also they have a lot of roommates from the other countries while living in a student house
 E) since most of their husbands go to school full time while they have to take care of the children
6. This heating system can provide sizeable amounts of electricity ……...….. .
 A) when certain features are considered typical of the condition
 B) with so many different programs out on the market
 C) which results in a quick rise in blood sugar
 D) and create extremely high temperatures of over 6000 degrees Fahrenheit
 E) although no two persons with anorexia nervosa are alike
7. ............ why anyone would willingly endure the hardships to be accepted as an adult in many societies.
 A) Most people in eastern societies opposed to
 B) It is regarded as barbarism in many eastern societies
 C) An ethnocentric American would be unable to understand
 D) The ethnocentric approach to the practices of other countries
 E) The way we question what we do should be
8. Given the fact that our appreciation of a particular writer has so much to do with the gender, class, age, or taste of the appreciator, .................. .
 A) but there weren't so many alternatives before as there are now
 B) since everyone is free to read whatever he likes
 C) although it is hard for the authors to try to appeal to everyone
 D) it may be folly to name the major novelists of the twentieth century
 E) who has to choose from hundreds of books
9. Considering how little money you're making, I can't help wondering ..................... .
 A) that you have been a tenant for as long as I can remember
 B) how you can live in such an exclusive area
 C) why don't you ever spend your money buying such inessential things
 D) how a person making as much money as you do could be so mean
 E) where are you planning to build your next villa
10. Following the end of the civil war, the authorities acknowledge ……..
 A) that the number of children on the missing list doesn't represent the true number
 B) why haven't people been told that their children are still alive
 C) how many children are still missing
 D) who believe there are several thousand children still to be reunited with their parents or relatives
 E) which television station is presenting the names and pictures of missing children
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