Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 7

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. On an impulse, Laurie drew all the money out of his bank account and went to London, ........... .
 A) she had no problems at all during my trip to France
 B) but the heavy downpour brought their picnic to an abrupt end
 C) intending to spend every last penny of it
 D) they think that Helen's brother stole the money
 E) she needed to get herself on a confidence high
2. ..............., but outside home he could be short-tempered when faced with incompetence or opposition.
 A) Mark was always nervous because of coming exams
 B) David apparently was a devoted father
 C) Gerry could be very rude sometimes
 D) He didn't know what to say to his parents
 E) He was the most kind teacher we had ever seen
3. The trend toward online libraries and virtual card catalogs is one that already .............. .
 A) trying to digitize existing print information
 B) allows users to search the text of copyrighted books online and read excerpts
 C) has book publishers scrambling to respond
 D) will be limited to an unspecified number of books published before 1900
 E) was available to only small, select groups of students and scholars
4. It must have been the adrenalin that kept us going when we reached our destination. Sheila, Maureen and I sat up late that night, ........... .
 A) talking non-stop as we caught up on just some of our news
 B) without a strict daily timetable like this you find yourself wasting too much time
 C) the office complex developers must not be allowed to do this
 D) health and Safety officials who claim the building is unsafe
 E) and if nothing you like comes out of it, then we will come back
5. ………...., but we are going to build a suitable one very soon for them
 A) At first the shelter would be used as a storeroom
 B) We have the chance of getting a 75 per cent grant from Home Office to construct the shelter
 C) We do not have any other buildings suitable for conversion of the old
 D) If something important would have happened
 E) One councillor has called proposal for building a home for homeless old people
6. Melanie practised her lines each day after school,............ .
 A) her schoolwork definitely seems to be improving this term
 B) making a presentation to a group of peers bring you out in a cold sweat
 C) their speaking skills and overcome this understandable
 D) focussing her thoughts on moments of particular success during her life
 E) getting increasingly nervous as the date of her audition got even closer.
7. Unlike the American Santa Claus, ................. .
 A) there is a modern statue of Saint Nicholas complete with beard, bag of toys, and children
 B) many children still believe that he brings presents on Christmas Eve
 C) St. Nicholas is considered as the best of the saints
 D) St. Nicholas is depicted as a tall thin man, dressed in a hooded robe
 E) the Church of Saint Nicholas, in Myra, was built after his death
8. …….......... made it obvious once more what an excellent reputation the school has.
 A) Though it was extremely unfortunate for many hopeful students
 B) Many of the contemporary politicians and literary personalities had studied there
 C) Whether or not the owners will decide to open a second school in a different area
 D) However hard students may have studied for the entrance examination
 E) The fact that ten times as, many students applied for the entrance exam as would be accepted
9. Having little desire to speak to my colleague after such a huge argument .......... .
 A) I pretended not to see him when he came into the canteen
 B) I was easily persuaded to forget our disagreement
 C) he ignored me for several days afterwards
 D) the main problem was that we had to share the same office
 E) we mutually agreed to avoid each other for a while
10. They say they have had a number of threats during the past weeks ,.......... .
 A) and then, they have not installed a complete new fire prevention system
 B) so they will be showing their appreciation to him with a gift
 C) yet they had received a number of warnings before that one
 D) but the police have not been able to find out where they have come from
 E) until they made the third investigation of the building
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