Cümle Tamamlama Testi - 6

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ........... their interests are often overlooked and sometimes their efforts to succeed are hampered by undue legal loopholes.
 A) Emerging growth businesses in regards to public policies
 B) People are reasonably good at forming estimates based on addition
 C) Despite the economic value entrepreneurial companies add to the American economy
 D) Economic growth occurs whenever people take resources and rearrange them in ways that are more valuable
 E) Thinking about ideas and recipes changes how people think about economic policy
2. ........... and since they spoke Spanish, they named the hot water El Nino, which means "the infant" in Spanish.
 A) The hot water usually comes first to the coasts of Peru and Ecuador in South America
 B) One thing that is definitely different about this El Nino is the technology that scientists are using to study it
 C) Scientists and governments from around the world are sharing knowledge
 D) Since the fishermen believed in the birth of the Christ child at Christmas
 E) In the past people used to treat new born babies differently
3. .............. are six times more likely to suffer a heart attack in the 24 hours following the high pressure event.
 A) A man over the age of forty
 B) People under high pressure to meet deadlines at work
 C) The Woman who work under hard conditions
 D) People who smoke and are passive smokers
 E) Men and women who exercise regularly
4. Playing the part of a ladybird in an amateur production of Noah’s Ark, ............
 A) Nyree Dawn Porter walked onto the stage and into the lights to delighted applause and laughter.
 B) Sonya did a three-day intensive desk-top publishing course in May
 C) we got more attention and it was easier to ask questions
 D) I needed some skills to make me better at my job
 E) my reports appear more professional and I can produce them quicker
5. It had been almost seven years since our last trip together ................ .
 A) but Rupert instantly recognized me in the predawn darkness of the train
 B) when we realized how nice those good old days were
 C) on the other hand we all know that no one can separate them
 D) none of us were able to achieve the aim of running our own business
 E) Susan's is completely modern woman who loves her freedom
6. The traditional view of literature's function, as formulated by the poet Horace, ................. .
 A) it is structurally perfect and pleases the hearer
 B) that it shall have form and theme
 C) is that it should be both useful and informative
 D) that it should appeal to the majority of the public
 E) that it must move one's feelings
7. ..............., so that they overlook other features which give a successful speaker impact.
 A) Research has indicated that words account for only 7% of the speaker's impact on the audience
 B) Facial expression, gestures, body language, posture are important tools for a public speaker
 C) An assistant who is looking directly at you will create an entirely different impression
 D) A successful speaker who comes to mind is probably someone who was enthusiastic and animated
 E) Inexperienced public speakers generally rely too heavily on words
8. While Paul's school was built more than a century ago .................. .
 A) his grandfather was a little boy going to a nursery school
 B) his grandfather had just been born
 C) Mary's was not built then
 D) the schools were being built all over the country
 E) Susan's is completely modern
9. Europe continued to expand in the new world amid ………....…. .
 A) there wasn't enough space for everyone
 B) they were still bound to the old world
 C) it took a long period of time for the Europeans to develop into a unified country
 D) the disorder within settlement walls and the great violence outside.
 E) some preferred going back not having found what they had expected
10. Whatever it may be, this is a novel where, ………...….. .
 A) you can find everywhere in this city
 B) while you are reading you easily get confused and can't go on reading
 C) once you have got into it, you want to go forward without stopping
 D) written before the second world war
 E) it can be more than you've expected
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