Cloze Test - 18

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Several studies have shown that moderate exercise (1)........walking has many health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Now, two new studies show that regular walking is good (2)........for the body,........for the brain. "Better memory, learning, and attention (3) walking about two to three hours per week," says physician Jennifer Weuve of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. She and her colleagues tracked the exercise habits of nearly 19,000 women over a period of eight to 15 years. (4)........the women reached the age of 70 or older, the researchers tested the women's cognitive abilities - their memory, learning, and attention - over a two-year period. Dr. Weuve says walking helped the women maintain these mental functions well, and the more they walked, (5)........they performed on cognition tests.

 A) much
 B) so
 C) like
 D) as
 E) much

 A) whether…… or
 B) no sooner …….than
 C) either…...also
 D) rather...than
 E) not only…..but also

 A) are achieving
 B) may be achieved
 C) used to achieve
 D) had been achieved
 E) had better be achieved

 A) During
 B) While
 C) By the time
 D) Whereas
 E) When

 A) as good
 B) so well
 C) good enough
 D) the best
 E) the better

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