Cloze Test - 17

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Fahrenheit is the system of measuring the temperature, (1)………. hot or cold something is, used by many people in Britain. The freezing (2)………… of Fahrenheit is 32 degrees. So a cold winter's day in Britain would have a temperature of 38" F (3° centigrade) and a hot summer's day would have a temperature of 90" F (32" centigrade). The Fahrenheit scale (3)……….. by the German scientist Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1710. Today in Britain most people over twenty-five know the Fahrenheit scale but the centigrade system (Celsius) (4)………. more and more. Weather forecasts on television and in newspapers show temperature in (5)……….. scales.

 A) which
 B) what
 C) that
 D) where
 E) how

 A) point
 B) center
 C) medium
 D) sphere
 E) scope

 A) has been invented
 B) was invented
 C) invented
 D) had invented
 E) was being invented

 A) was used
 B) has used
 C) is being used
 D) is using
 E) is used

 A) either
 B) neither
 C) as well
 D) both
 E) nor

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