Cloze Test - 12

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Food is the source of energy for the body, and the energy it produces is important. (1)…..…., we need this energy just to keep alive. Naturally, energy (2)……... just to digest the food needed to produce energy in the first place. Moreover, energy is essential for all continuous body processes (3)………. breathing, the beating of the heart, and the maintenance of muscle tone. (4)…….., children and youths need energy for growth. In brief, we need the energy produced by food carrying out (5)……… work and leisure activities.

 A) Indeed
 B) Sometimes
 C) Probably
 D) Eventually
 E) Practically

 A) was required
 B) has been required
 C) will be required
 D) is required
 E) had been required

 A) where as
 B) such as
 C) much as
 D) as
 E) like as

 A) But
 B) However
 C) Also
 D) While
 E) Because

 A) all
 B) neither
 C) either
 D) not only
 E) none

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