Cloze Test - 11

Verilen parçada numaralanmış yerlere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz.
Every summer Miss Dredger took (1)......... visitors at Clos de Joi. It was a square house with a (2)......... across the island to the sea, with the island of Jersey on the outskirts. Miss Dredger had asked a carriage to take her down the harbour hill. (3)......... it was a steep descent, she would normally have taken it in her purposeful stride, and would even have returned with foot up the long (4)........., for Miss Dredger scorned all physical weakness. Nevertheless, she (5)........ on a carriage this particular morning, for she had a gentleman to meet at the harbour.

 A) in
 B) along
 C) up
 D) over
 E) on

 A) sight
 B) vision
 C) view
 D) look
 E) seem

 A) However
 B) Although
 C) Despite
 D) Even
 E) As

 A) descent
 B) slope
 C) step
 D) stride
 E) road

 A) has decided
 B) would decide
 C) was decided
 D) had decided
 E) was deciding

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