Paragraph Test - Twelve

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
A simple method of central heating has long been in use in northern China. A raised floor space for sleeping is built over the area where the fire or oven is situated. This primitive central heating has been known since Han Dynasty times (202 B.C -A.D220). Similar forms of underfloor heating in the West may have inspired the breakthrough achieved by Sergius Orate, a Roman businessman who lived about 100 B.C. Orate was a fish and oyster farmer and to keep his stock healthy, he invented a way of keeping warm the large tanks in which they were kept. This involved raising the floor of the tanks of stock on tiles like short pillars. A nearby furnace produced hot air, which passed underneath the tanks and kept the water at a steady temperature.

1. According to the passage, central heating is a method which ----.

 A) was not as efficient as it had been expected to be
 B) was developed by Orate, a European scientist
 C) was developed by a Roman inventor
 D) was used in the Far East during the Han Dynasty
 E) was used by a fish and oyster farmer in order to increase his stock

2. Orate kept his fish and oysters warm ----.

 A) by using gas unearthed
 B) in order to increase fertilization
 C) by heating the fish and oyster tanks with hot air from a furnace
 D) in order to be the first man ever to use the first central heating method in the world
 E) by putting the tanks near a big fireplace

3. One can infer from the passage that ----.

 A) it was in China where the most advanced methods of heating were invented
 B) the Romans were the first fishermen in history
 C) throughout history most inventions were made in Europe
 D) the Romans were interested in fish and oyster growing
 E) ancient inventors established a basis for modern techniques

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