Paragraph Test - Ten

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
The rapid rise in world population is not creating problems only for the developing countries. The whole world faces the problem that raw materials are being used up at an increasing rate and food production cannot keep up with the population increase. People in rich countries make the heaviest demands on the world's resources, its food, fuel and land, and cause the most pollution. A baby born in the United States will use in his lifetime thirty times more of the world's resources than a baby born in India. Unless all the countries of the world take united action to deal with the population explosion, there will be more and more people fighting for a share of less and less land, food and fuel and the future will bring poverty, misery and war to us all.

1. It is clear from the passage that ----.

 A) in developed countries, the death rate fell sharply at the end of the last century
 B) a high percentage of the population in developing countries is below working age
 C) the whole world seems to be affected by the increase in world population
 D) developing countries aren't making economic progress to solve the problem of overpopulation
 E) a baby is born in the United States every thirty seconds

2. According to the passage, ----.

 A) rich countries won't have any problems with food and fuel
 B) food production doesn't progress at the same rate as the population
 C) there is no pollution in developed countries at all
 D) every baby born in India suffers from malnutrition
 E) it's difficult to get wide acceptance of family planning in developing countries

3. It can be understood from the passage that if population goes on increasing at this rate, ----.

 A) there will be a shortage of hospitals and doctors everywhere
 B) adults will have to work extremely hard to provide for the young
 C) children can do a lot of useful jobs on small farms in developing countries
 D) people will look to their child/en to provide them with security in their old age
 E) people will have to struggle with a lot of problems

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