Paragraph Test - Nine

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
Almost anyone who buys a personal computer also buys Microsoft. The company's DOS and Windows operating systems have become an industry standard. The rise of Microsoft began in 1980, when IBM approached Bill Gates for an operating system. Never having written one. Gates bought Q-DOS from a local programmer. He modified it and sold it as MS-DOS. Microsoft released Windows in 1985. But Windows required specially written programs. Gates offered Windows inexpensively, causing its implementation on almost every computer and creating a demand for programs that can only operate with Windows. Then, while other developers were changing their programs for Windows, Microsoft started to grab market shares for its applications.

1. The passage mainly deals with ----.

 A) making money in the computer industry
 B) the disadvantages of using Microsoft operating systems
 C) the connection between Microsoft and IBM
 D) the growth of a company that produces computer programs
 E) the consequences of Microsoft's market majority

2. It is stated in the passage that ----.

 A) the only available operating systems on sale are made by Microsoft
 B) Gates violated the original agreement when he modified Q-DOS
 C) other companies became more experienced than Microsoft only after 1985
 D) Microsoft's success comes from its close dealings with manufacturers
 E) the operating system Q-DOS was not originally created by Bill Gates

3. According to the passage, the implementation of Windows on virtually every computer gave Microsoft an advantage because ----.

 A) other companies did not have programs that could operate with Windows
 B) in spite of its high price, people using Windows no longer used the programs of other companies
 C) Windows didn't require specially written programs
 D) Windows was much more expensive compared to other programs
 E) as the creator of Windows, Microsoft was entitled to the profits made from the program

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