Paragraph Test - Fourteen

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
The Rhine is a European river which rises in the Swiss Alps and flows northward for a distance of 1320 kilometres, entering the North Sea just south of the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is navigable all the way from the sea to Basle, Switzerland, and for this reason is of great commercial importance, serving the industrial region of Ruhr and such inland ports as Cologne, Mannheim and Strasbourg. Ft is connected by canal with the Danube and the Rhone. Its most famous stretch is the Rhine Gorge, the steep sides being given over to vineyards. Politically, too, the Rhine has played a big part in European history, providing a natural frontier between French-speaking people to the west and Germanic peoples to the east.

1. It is stated in the passage that the industrial importance of the Rhine ----.

 A)  stems from its role as a link between Switzerland and the sea
 B)  comes from its length of more than a thousand kilometres
 C)  is a direct result of its rising in the Alps in Switzerland
 D)  is due mainly to the river's political significance
 E)  has been lessened in recent years because of failed vineyards

2. We understand from the passage that, the Danube and the Rhone ----.

 A)  have, over the years, lessened the commercial importance of the Rhine
 B)  flow through more countries than does the Rhine
 C)  are of greater significance for Europe than the Rhine
 D)  flow into the same sea as the Rhine
 E)  are not connected with the Rhine naturally but artificially

3. Apart from being a transportation route, the Rhine ----.

 A)  contributes to the tourist industry in the Ruhr region
 B)  is seen by the Dutch as a link to the east
 C)  provides natural beauty for the local people
 D)  serves as a political barrier as well
 E)  has no other important function

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