Paragraph Test - Eleven

Answer the questions according to the reading passages.
Economic issues are given so much importance in collective life that collective life is reduced to economic relationships alone. Man is seen and presented merely as homo economicus, a producing and consuming animal. Literature and, more powerfully, film and television images have been used to propagate that view, and to spread, rather than its virtues, the vices of modern civilisation. The reach of those images, given the sheer scale and power of modem communications, touches all societies and persons and all places -private bedrooms as well as the more snared family space of living-rooms and kitchens. It is hard for the mass of ordinary people to escape from this invasion. Its consequence is to distract people from who and what they are, to separate them from each other, to alienate them from themselves.

1. It is stated in the passage that collective life ----.

 A) has been important for several years
 B) indicates that man is a producing and consuming animal
 C) alienates people from themselves
 D) is propagated through television images
 E) means economic relationships

2. It is explained that film and television images ----.

 A) are reduced to economic relationships
 B) emphasise the virtues as well as the vices of collective life
 C) are more powerful than literature to propagate the vices of modern civilisation
 D) give importance to economic issues
 E) are deemed necessary for selling goods

3. The consequence of the invasion of the film and television images is ----.

 A) to draw people's attention to social problems
 B) seen in people's private bedrooms
 C) to reach all kinds of people
 D) people's separation and alienation from each other and themselves
 E) to present man only as homo economicus

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