Wish Clause Grammar Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I can't bear business executives when they ……..as if they ……….superior to everybody else.
 A) are acting / have been
 B) have acted / will be
 C) act / were
 D) will act / would be
 E) acted / are
2. How I wish I ....... him before he took that stupid decision.
 A) would be able to meet
 B) could meet
 C) was able to meet
 D) would have met
 E) had been able to meet
3. When I stopped talking, Sam finished my sentence for me as though he ……… my mind.
 A) had read
 B) has read
 C) reads
 D) can read
 E) has been reading
4. I'm really sleepy today. I wish I ......... Bob to the airport late last night.
 A) didn't have to take
 B) weren't taking
 C) didn't take
 D) hadn't had to take
 E) haven't taken
5. She wishes her husband ……… her what she saw at the shop window an hour ago.
 A) may buy
 B) would buy
 C) had bought
 D) has bought
 E) could have bought
6. I wish you .......... me alone for a while so that I could finish this project in time for tomorrow's meeting.
 A) leave
 B) are leaving
 C) will leave
 D) would leave
 E) have left
7. If only I …… that you were here, then I …… you the flowers you like.
 A) knew / would bring
 B) know / will have brought
 C) had known / would have brought
 D) had known / could have brought
 E) have known / can bring
8. Though Gwen's position in the company is as important as Samuel's, he treats her …….. she were his personal assistant.
 A) even if
 B) provided that
 C) in case
 D) so that
 E) as though
9. If only you …….. the books required for the assignment, then we ……… to all these libraries.
 A) own / couldn't have gone
 B) owned / wouldn't have to go
 C) owned / don't have to go
 D) had owned / won't have to go
 E) had owned / shouldn't have gone
10. Nancy sometimes wishes that she ........... in a small town now.
 A) were not living
 B) hasn't lived
 C) hadn't been lived
 D) doesn't live
 E) is not living
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