Wish Clause Grammar Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. My room-mates wishes I ......... my socks and clothes in the room because it makes the whole place look untidy and cause bed smell.
 A) can't leave
 B) couldn't, leave
 C) might not leave
 D) don't leave
 E) wouldn't leave
2. Sometimes she wishes she …….... such a demanding job, because she can hardly do anything else but her job.
 A) won't have
 B) didn't have
 C) hasn't had
 D) wouldn't have
 E) doesn't have
3. Although she was in financial difficulty and behind with her studies she danced that evening ……… she didn't have a care in the world.
 A) while
 B) if
 C) as though
 D) even if
 E) unless
4. My mother is an excellent cook. and I really wish she ……. our wedding cake, but she'll be very busy with other things.
 A) should make
 B) has made
 C) will make
 D) can make
 E) could make
5. He wishes he ........ his job as he really isn't happy in his present job at all.
 A) won't have changed
 B) couldn't change
 C) hadn't changed
 D) isn't changing
 E) doesn't change
6. I wish I ……… any classes. I ……..hard time answering the questions in the test now.
 A) wouldn't miss / am not having
 B) hadn't missed / would have had
 C) hadn't missed / wouldn't have
 D) didn't miss / hadn't had
 E) didn't miss / didn't have
7. If only I ……. him for money yesterday. Then he ……. me at the presence of my friends this morning.
 A) hadn't asked / couldn't have embarrassed
 B) wouldn't ask / embarrassed
 C) didn't ask / wouldn't embarrass
 D) wasn't asking / will embarrass
 E) weren't asked / might not be embarrassed
8. Nothing went right yesterday. First my car broke down, then I lost my job and, just to make matters worse, I 'was robbed on my way home. I felt ……… the whole world were against me.
 A) even if
 B) unless
 C) as if
 D) in case
 E) supposing
9. My brother pawned his guitar to pay his rent. If only I ……… enough money, I ………. his rent for him.
 A) were having / would pay
 B) would have / had paid
 C) had had / would have paid
 D) have had / didn't pay
 E) had / would pay
10. It was not until she was diagnosed with lung cancer that she wished she . …… up smoking when she was young.
 A) wasn't taking
 B) hasn't been taking
 C) wouldn't take
 D) hadn't taken
 E) ought not to take
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