Wish Clause Grammar Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I wish you ……... to repair the boiler yourself. You have made the problem worse actually.
 A) hadn't attempted
 B) couldn't attempt
 C) won't attempt
 D) haven't attempted
 E) didn't attempt
2. Harold is selling his sports car because he now has two children and it's no longer practical to keep it. He knows it is for the best, but a large part of him wishes he ……... it because he loves driving it so much.
 A) would be keeping
 B) had been keeping
 C) were keeping
 D) is keeping
 E) has been keeping
3. The young boys listened to the words of the famous basketball player as though it ……..a king speaking to them.
 A) had been
 B) were
 C) would be
 D) has been
 E) might be
4. Most of the students look as though they ……….. answering the questions. I think we can start checking them.
 A) will have completed
 B) complete
 C) were to complete
 D) have completed
 E) would have completed
5. ……... Louise were working today, she would know where the accounting records are kept.
 A) Even though
 B) Unless
 C) As if
 D) In case
 E) If only
6. I don't understand why you always wish you ………. taller. Your height is already above the average.
 A) have been
 B) are
 C) would be
 D) were
 E) had been
7. Martha is tired because she went to bed late last night. She wishes she ........ to bed earlier last night.
 A) had gone
 B) could go
 C) would go
 D) didn't go
 E) went
8. I' d like to learn to play the piano. I wish I ....... a good teacher who lives near here and who .......me lessons.
 A) had known / had given
 B) know / could give
 C) had known / could have given
 D) knew / gives
 E) know / gives
9. Although I came top in every exam I took ............
 A) they would have selected only those with high grades
 B) I wish I hadn't been forced to study Latin in school
 C) only if it were relevant to any other subjects
 D) I feel as if I had been quite successful
 E) could I be allowed to apply for the scholarship
10. The leaders emphasized expanding their nuclear arsenal, but I wish ........ .
 A) they must have researced on the effects of the plan
 B) they had stressed negotiations on nuclear disarmament
 C) they insisted on mutual decrease in nuclear weapons
 D) some new plans of disarmament should have devised
 E) they would originate a discussion about environment
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