Question Tags & Auxiliaries Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. You won’t know whether you’ve got the job until all of the applicants have been considered, ……….?
 A) have they
 B) hasn’t it
 C) won’t you
 D) will you
 E) don’t they
2. A: Are we in Houston now?
    B: ............ . I'm tired of sitting on this bus.
    A: Me too, and we are. Look! The sign says Houston Central Bus Station.
 A) I hope so
 B) So is it
 C) Neither are we
 D) So we have
 E) Nor does it
3. American citizens throw away millions of tons of garbage each year, and this trash has to go somewhere ...........?
 A) do they
 B) doesn't it
 C) isn't it
 D) hasn't it
 E) haven't they
4. Every household should have some type of first aid kit, and ………. .
 A) you should either
 B) you do too
 C) also do yours
 D) as well as your
 E) so should yours
5. Charles didn't believe that the scheme would be successful and, to be honest ........., but we were both wrong as it was a resounding success.
 A) so did we
 B) I wasn't either
 C) they would too
 D) neither did
 E) nor would we
6. It would have been a more tactful decision to leave them alone when they told us to have a break, …….?
 A) shouldn't we
 B) didn't they
 C) wouldn't it
 D) hasn't it
 E) wouldn't they
7. Jack was appalled at the mess you had left for us to clear up, and frankly, I was…….. .
 A) so
 B) too
 C) either
 D) neither
 E) nor
8. The middle-aged woman who is living above us only ever goes for a walk in the morning .......... .
 A) but my mother does
 B) and nor does my aunt
 C) but my mother isn't
 D) as does my aunt
 E) and nor are we
9. Most of the members, who complained bitterly afterwards, didn't appear to agree with the committee's decision, .........?
 A) did they
 B) were there
 C) didn't it
 D) have they
 E) wasn't it
10. The president's speech was not a total disaster, but it wasn't particularly inspiring ........... was it?
 A) neither
 B) too
 C) nor
 D) so
 E) either
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