Question Tags & Auxiliaries Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. You've never quite understood why I wasn't more supportive of you........?
 A) wasn't I
 B) weren't you
 C) haven't you
 D) was I
 E) have you
2. A: Has the photocopier broken down?
    B: ……..... Almost everybody has tried to get it to work, but it won't switch on.
 A) Do you think so?
 B) It appears so
 C) I don't think so
 D) Neither has it
 E) It doesn't either
3. Please, finish your assignments until Monday and hand in them to me on Monday morning,……..?
 A) shouldn't you
 B) don't you
 C) will you
 D) shan't you
 E) have you
4. Josie's parents were not pleased that she was planning to travel around South America by herself before she started university, ..........?
 A) did she
 B) did they
 C) didn't she
 D) wasn't she
 E) were they
5. John saw the bus hit the cyclist because he was out on the balcony at the time, ………… .
 A) and I didn't either
 B) however, we did
 C) but I didn't
 D) we were, though
 E) and neither was I
6. Great Britain, once considered one of the greatest steel-producing nations of the world, no longer produces much steel .........
 A) but the United States doesn't
 B) as was the United States
 C) and nor does the United States
 D) and the United States wasn’t either
 E) and so did the United States
7. I think the house for sale in Willow Street is in need of modernisation, .......?
 A) isn't it
 B) should it
 C) doesn't it
 D) do I
 E) aren't I
8. You realize that my daughter is ill and that I might have to stay home and take care of her,.......?
 A) isn't she
 B) mightn't I
 C) don't you
 D) is she
 E) do you
9. Clearly, you weren’t very impressed by the way he managed the press conference; I must say, I wasn’t, .............. .
 A) neither
 B) too
 C) either
 D) as well
 E) also
10. Although they are both strongly anti-Israeli, Iraq has never been at war with Israel........... .
 A) but Iran hasn't
 B) and Iran has too
 C) and nor is Iran
 D) and Iran hasn't either
 E) but Iran isn't
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