Inversion Test - 4

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ........... I had walked away ........... I remember that I had left my wallet on the table in the restaurant.
 A) No sooner / do
 B) In no way / when
 C) Scarcely / do
 D) Whenever / than
 E) Only after / did
2. ........ water has been taken from rivers like the Colorado, Yellow and Gorges that they sometimes dry up before reaching the sea.
 A) Barely
 B) Hardly
 C) Little
 D) So much
 E) Scarcely
3. Not only ........ to the USA, they ......... to the USSR as well in a months' time.
 A) did they go / went
 B) they go / have gone
 C) they had gone / went
 D) were they going / had gone
 E) they were going / would go
4. ........ had the chairman begun delivering his speech ........ he was shot by the assassin.
 A) By no means / if
 B) Only after / than
 C) No sooner / than
 D) Hardly / later
 E) What if / so
5. ........... had the book gone into the third edition ............. he realised that he had forgotten to make some corrections.
 A) Only when /after
 B) No sooner / than
 C) What if / since
 D) Only if / thus
 E) Whenever / since
6. ......... an improvement there has been in his condition over the last twenty-four hours .......... it's hard to believe that he was so critically ill only two days ago.
 A) hardly / when
 B) so / as
 C) no sooner / than
 D) such / that
 E) yet / still
7. Only after they themselves become parents ……… .
 A) many people don't really understand what being parents means
 B) parents aren't aware of the seriousness of the issue
 C) children learn to appreciate their parents
 D) children could understand what their parents were trying to do
 E) do people realize the difficulties of raising children
8. ……….. begun to understand that the air and the oceans act as a single fluid when they exchange heat and gases.
 A) In the past decade have only meteorologists
 B) The only meteorologists in the past decade
 C) Only in the past decade have meteorologists
 D) Only in the past decade meteorologists
 E) Only the meteorologists in the past
9. We went to the travel agent's to book a flight ……….. .
 A) only to learn that there were no seats left on the planes
 B) who is likely to tell us that we'll need to get a visa before going
 C) considering that the plane ticket was very expensive indeed
 D) which also includes a few historical places, such as Hagia Sophia
 E) and landed at Gatwick Airport in the middle of the night
10. .............. the books, they would have called the police.
 A) If they noticed him stealing
 B) Had they noticed him stealingy
 C) If they had been noticed him stealing
 D) Were they noticed him steal
 E) Should they notice him steal
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