Inversion Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. …….... did the police have to deal with such a baffling case.
 A) Such
 B) Seldom
 C) Not only
 D) Even then
 E) Only if
2. ……….. was the popularity of the soap opera ……….. the streets were deserted whenever it was on.
 A) Hardly / when
 B) Only / then
 C) Not only / but also
 D) Such / that
 E) So / that
3. Neither of us has cable television, ……….. so I’m afraid you won't be able to watch the football match.
 A) and my colleagues have, too
 B) but my neighbour is
 C) and neither does our local pub
 D) and so has my family
 E) but most of our relatives do
4. ……... you ……... a famous figure from the cinema world, would you know what to say?
 A) Should / meet
 B) Did / meet
 C) If / had met
 D) Only if / would meet
 E) Were / to meet
5. .......... had l submitted my exam paper to the teacher .......... I realised that I had forgotten three questions unanswered.
 A) Only when /after
 B) If only / because
 C) What if / since
 D) Only if / thus
 E) Barely / when
6. If you are fit, not only .......... more efficient at consuming oxygen while you are exercising, but you feel more energetic throughout the day.
 A) are you
 B) you will be
 C) had you been
 D) you were
 E) have you been
7. The zoo regulations will not permit you to touch the animals, ……..would most people advise you to do so.
 A) so
 B) nor
 C) as
 D) either
 E) both
8. Only after food has been dried or canned .........
 A) that it should be stored for later consumption
 B) you can consume it by storing later
 C) should it be stored for later consumption
 D) can be consumed or stored later
 E) it can't be stored for later consumption
9. ........... when the secretary rushed into the room shouting.
 A) Neither of the policemen suspected of the neighbours
 B) No sooner had the weekly meeting started
 C) Scarcely had we sat at our desks for the day
 D) Nowhere could I find the report I would take with me
 E) The flat she had just moved into had burnt down
10. Only a woman is capable of standing in front of a wardrobe packed full of clothes …….
 A) and announcing sadly that she has nothing to wear.
 B) they couldn't afford the time or energy to set up a formal bureaucracy
 C) they single-handedly revolutionized the notion of 'democracy'
 D) that would have to balance your views.
 E) as there has been serious scientific discussion of the processes
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