Inversion Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. .............. for Walt Disney, the world's greatest medicine would have never been invented.
 A) Had it not been
 B) Only after
 C) No sooner
 D) Were it not
 E) Only if
2. ......... your early life has been checked can you be allowed to join the club.
 A) When
 B) The moment
 C) Until
 D) Anywhere
 E) Only when
3. ……….. frightening was dream ……….. when I woke up my heart was beating really fast.
 A) Such a / that
 B) So / that
 C) Such / that
 D) More / than
 E) Neither / nor
4. The primary obligation of any civilised society is to preserve the peace and protect its citizens .......... that should we worry about the Jaw-breakers and their rehabilitation.
 A) later
 B) no sooner
 C) any more
 D) only after
 E) just as
5. ……….. you to see the principal, you ……... why I am trying to get out of school without being seen.
 A) Had / had understood
 B) Will / shall understand
 C) Had / would have understood
 D) Should / understand
 E) Were / would understand
6. ……….. was there a bad surface to contend with …….... there was now extensive flooding as well.
 A) Just as / so
 B) Not since / the time
 C) As soon / as
 D) Not only / but
 E) Both / and
7. …….... there are lots of unreasonable rows with no clear motivation, should the alarm bells start to ring.
 A) Not only
 B) Only when
 C) Hardly when
 D) No sooner than
 E) No later
8. No sooner had I informed him about his father's illness than he ….…. towards the hospital where his father ……… .
 A) speeded / had lied
 B) speeded / was lying
 C) had speeded / lied
 D) was speeding / lied
 E) has been speeding / had been lying
9. My uncle, Tom didn't use to leave any tip at a restaurant and ........ .
 A) my father didn't so
 B) nor do my father
 C) neither did my father
 D) my father had too
 E) my father did either
10. …….... it had been subjected to searching laboratory tests by the scientists was the new vaccine put on the market by the company.
 A) Nor
 B) Never
 C) Such
 D) So little
 E) Only after
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