Gerunds & Infinitives: YDS Test - 5

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. I looked around and about 100 yards away, intently ……... my struggle with the fish, sat a little Lapp in his colorful costume, ……... a pipe.
 A) observed / smoked
 B) had observed / had smoked
 C) being observed / being smoked
 D) observing / smoking
 E) is observed / is smoked
2. You should accustom yourself ......... under these circumstances. It is better than ........ unemployed.
 A) to work / being
 B) working / to be
 C) to working / being
 D) to have worked / to have been
 E) work / was
3. I couldn't prevent his …….. by the police, therefore he had to admit …….. part in the crime.
 A) being interrogated / taking
 B) interrogating / to be taken
 C) to interrogate / to have taken
 D) having interrogated / to take
 E) having been interrogated / taking
4. Developing the use of language as a …….. means of communication and expression, ……. creative talents, and improving body management are goals.
 A) satisfied / to nurture
 B) satisfying / nurturing
 C) being satisfied / to be nurtured
 D) satisfying / to have nurtured
 E) satisfied / nurturing
5. Dogs which have been specially trained .......... out narcotics have long helped customs officers .......... smugglers of drugs.
 A) to be sniffing / detect
 B) sniffing / to detect
 C) having sniffed / to be detecting
 D) to be sniffed / having detected
 E) to sniff / detect
6. Asbestos is thought ....... around the time of Aristotle, and during Roman times, it was used ....... fireproof clothing.
 A) to have discovered / to making
 B) being discovered / making
 C) having been discovered / make
 D) to discover / to have made
 E) to have been discovered / to make
7. ……... by the low wages offered in state hospitals.
 A) She wasn’t looking forward to having her knee operation next week
 B) More than two thousand nurses participated in demonstrating against the new policy
 C) A trained child psychologist, she has been compelled to work in a private practice
 D) Judging from what she said, I think she will decide against training as a nurse
 E) She made a mistake by giving her resignation after she’d quarrelled with her boss
8. Having been a victim of violent crime, ……. .
 A) every time I decide to go out at night
 B) not taking any chances when I have to come home late at night
 C) all my credit cards and mobile phone were stolen
 D) I am no longer as sympathetic towards criminals as I used to be
 E) to be identified as the one who mugged me
9. My husband, Colin, always used to say there would come a day when we could leave the lights on ……… .
 A) already beginning to forget what the world was like without it
 B) sitting in our armchairs watching others working
 C) without worrying how much it was going to cost us
 D) unless there was something definitely wrong with us
 E) when generations have grown up addicted to it
10. ………….. that I had to reprimand him when he was back home.
 A) Finding his room in a mess, there was only one thing I could do was
 B) Not to lose my patient when he is back from school
 C) Even if he has forced me to discuss the plan we are trying to make
 D) He has been late home several time this week
 E) Whatever I have done to stop him from coming home , late
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