Gerunds & Infinitives: YDS Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. It is difficult .......... what life in Alaska is like without actually .......... the conditions there.
 A) imagining / to experience
 B) having imagined / to be experienced
 C) to imagine / experiencing
 D) to have imagined / experience
 E) imagine / having experienced
2. I didn't want ……….. in his private business, but he looked so miserable that I couldn't help ………. him if everything was all right.
 A) interfering / to ask
 B) to interfere / asking
 C) interfere / having asked
 D) to have interfered / to have asked
 E) to be interfering / being asked
3. The groups are asking the restaurant …….. a boycott of Canadian seafood products …….. the cruel and needless slaughter of seals.
 A) supporting / protesting
 B) to have supported / protested
 C) having supported / protest
 D) support / to have protested
 E) to support / to protest
4. After several cities have put forward their proposals ………. the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee decides which city ……... the next Olympics in.
 A) to host / to hold
 B) being hosted / holding
 C) hosting / to be held
 D) to have hosted / hold
 E) to be hosted / having held
5. I always encourage people ……. happy, and I am glad ……. a laugh with Jim from time to time, but I don't like people who do nothing but ……. jokes.
 A) to have been / to have / to play
 B) being / having / playing
 C) to be / having / to play
 D) to be / to have / play
 E) were / to have / to play
6. Having looked at the results of the analysis, the doctor suggested him …….. the pills regularly and ……. from drinking alcohol.
 A) taking / abstaining
 B) taking / to abstain
 C) to take / abstain
 D) to be taken / to abstain
 E) to take / abstaining
7. It was most unfortunate for them .......... a hotel at the resort, but it doesn't surprise me because August is not a good time .......... in Inkuma without a reservation.
 A) not finding / arriving
 B) not find / having arrived
 C) being found / to have arrived
 D) not to find / to arrive
 E) to be finding / lo be arriving
8. Students need practice ……. the skill of listening and there is not much a teacher can say ……. a student's ability at it.
 A) developing / improving
 B) developed / improve
 C) having developed / to have improved
 D) to have developed / to be improved
 E) to develop / to improve
9. ……. out the human reaction to the newly developed vaccine, Dr. Gonzalez needs patients willing ……. a clinical trial.
 A) Finding / to be entered
 B) To find / to enter
 C) To have found / entered
 D) Found / entering
 E) Find / to have entered
10. The author explained that he couldn't resist …….. fish and chips when he was in a mood of …….. out along the Bosphorus.
 A) eating / dining
 B) to eat / to be dining
 C) eaten / to have dined
 D) being eaten / to be dined
 E) having eaten / to dine
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