Gerunds & Infinitives: YDS Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ……..… academic autonomy and a public legal personality, the university should be responsible for …..…. high level educational and scientific activities.
 A) Having been possessed / carried out
 B) To possess / being carried out
 C) To have possessed / having carried out
 D) Possessed / to carry out
 E) To possess / carrying out
2. I have spent a few minutes ……… those people across the road and I am beginning …….. they are rather eccentric.
 A) to watch / to have thought
 B) to be watched / thinking
 C) watching / to think
 D) to have watched / having been thinking
 E) having watched / to have thought
3. Exercisers should not be afraid …….. on themselves ……. out what training practices and techniques seem to be more comfortable.
 A) to be experimenting / being found
 B) to experiment / to find
 C) having experimented / to have found
 D) experimenting / finding
 E) being experimented / having found
4. Despite the difficulties involved, many women combine .......... a family with .......... their own careers.
 A) raising / pursuing
 B) to raise / persuade
 C) to raise / to pursue
 D) to be raised / being pursued
 E) raise / pursue
5. We dislike ……. even though we are all eager …….. money on having a good time and getting the things we want
 A) to work / spending
 B) to have worked / to be spending
 C) to be worked / to be spent
 D) having to work / to spend
 E) being worked / being to spend
6. Scientific satellites are chiefly used ……. data about the Earth's surface and atmosphere and ……. astronomical observations.
 A) to collect / to make
 B) collecting / making
 C) having collected / having made
 D) to collecting / make
 E) to be collected / to have made
7. Simon regrets …… part in the preparations for the English department's annual play as his friends appear ..…. a great time preparing the stage and the decorations.
 A) not to take / to have had
 B) not having taken / to be having
 C) not taking / having had
 D) not to have taken / to have
 E) not taken / having
8. Some cows in India have humps, which aid them ……… by ……… a store of fat and water in the dry season.
 A) surviving / being provided
 B) to be surviving / having provided
 C) survived / to be providing
 D) to survive / providing
 E) survive / provided
9. It's difficult ……… the rules of chess in a short time, so I think it will be easier now to show you how ……… backgammon.
 A) being explained / to be playing
 B) explaining / playing
 C) to explain / to play
 D) to be explained / playing
 E) explain / to have played
10. I couldn't help ……. with my mother that a girl whose reason for …… in the kitchen was that she was afraid of making her hands rough.
 A) to agree / not helping
 B) to have been agreed / to help
 C) to have agreed / not to help
 D) having agreed / helping
 E) agreeing / not helping
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