Gerunds & Infinitives: YDS Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. The actress admitted that she didn't enjoy ......... but she knew that interviews with the media were essential for promoting her films.
 A) to interview
 B) interviewing
 C) being interviewed
 D) having interviewed
 E) to be interviewed
2. The soldier was caught …...… while on duty and was severely punished for it.
 A) sleeping
 B) to sleep
 C) having slept
 D) to be sleeping
 E) to have slept
3. My father always advises me ......... my life in the manner that I would like my kids .......... theirs.
 A) live / to live
 B) living / living
 C) to have lived / to be living
 D) live / live
 E) to live / to live
4. Understandably, the residents in the slum area watched desperately……... their houses down by the municipality officials.
 A) to be pulled
 B) having pulled
 C) pulling
 D) being pulled
 E) to be pulling
5. The surfer who disappeared was at first, thought ……… by a shark, but eventually he was seen ........ for help.
 A) to eat / having signalled
 B) to have been eaten / signalling
 C) to have eaten / to signal
 D) eating / to have signalled
 E) having eaten eaten / signal
6. He is lucky ……. in the accident, because his car was judged irreparable and written-off by the insurance officials.
 A) not having killed
 B) not being killed
 C) not to have been killed
 D) not to have killed
 E) not having been killed
7. The government's scheme ……. up the beaches never really got started, although there were several institutions that had offered …….. part in the cause voluntarily.
 A) cleaned / to have taken
 B) clean / to be taking
 C) cleaning / having taken
 D) having cleaned / taking
 E) to clean / to take
8. I know she isn't here at the moment because I saw her ........ the building, but I don't know if she intends …... later today.
 A) to leave / returning
 B) leave / to have returned
 C) left / to be returned
 D) leaving / to return
 E) to be leaving / return
9. The government considers ......... the economy, so it has resorted ........ the currency by forty per cent from today.
 A) stabilising / to devalue
 B) to stabilise / to devalue
 C) stabilised / being devalued
 D) to have stabilised / devaluing
 E) stabilising / to devaluing
10. I would like to thank everyone ……… to the meeting. It's nice to know that so many local residents care ……… our neighbourhood clean.
 A) by coming / for keeping
 B) for coming / about keeping
 C) to be coming / to have kept
 D) on coming / by keeping
 E) coming / keeping
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