Dialogue Test - 8

Karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
Benjamin : A good way at memorizing the glycolysis pathway is writing mnemonic devices.
Peter : For example?
Benjamin : For example, HIP.
Peter : Hexolcinase, Isomerase, phosphor fructokinase. Wow! Thanks!
Benjamin :.........................

 A) Can you help me some more?
 B) No sweat, I'm always happy to help a friend.
 C) What does that mean? I've never heard of mnemonic devices before.
 D) Don't thank me, thank my little goblin helper, Mike.
 E) Now let's move on to the glycolysis pathway.

Kim : Sorry , I couldn't do my English homework last night. I had to finish my math project.
Mr. Dunken : That's ok. Come and see me at lunchtime, and I'll help you with it.
Kim : .........................
Mr. Dunken : All right! But make sure you do it this evening.

 A) I don't think you good enough to help me do it.
 B) No, thanks. I won't do it anyway.
 C) Ok. I will see at 12, then.
 D) Oh, no. I think I still have to postpone it to next week.
 E) Sorry, I can't! I have volleyball practice.

Teacher : So, John, have you decided what to do after you graduate?
Student : Yes, ............................ .
Teacher : You did? Well congratulations. I think you’ll do very well. I wish you luck.
Student : Thank you very much, sir.

 A) I finally asked for a raise.
 B) I got a job as an assistant in a law office.
 C) I just came to say goodbye for the last time.
 D) I am going to work in a bank and I want to be promoted soon.
 E) I had started to work in a company.

John : How did the fencing competition go?
Anna : Great! I won the gold in Sabre and the bronze in Foil.
John : ......................
Anna : No, I don't like that weapon very much.

 A) Congratulations! But you usually win, don't you?
 B) What did you do with the bodies of your opponents?
 C) I knew you'd win Sabre. Didn't you compete in Epee, as well?
 D) I thought there were three weapons.
 E) Too bad for you. Did you bring your blades home with you?

Eric : Hey Carrie! I've got a question about last night's homework.
Carrie: Shoot.
Eric : What's the difference between an Ionic and Corinthian column?
Carrie : ......................
Eric : Um, what's a volute?

 A) Nothing. They're exactly the same in all respects.
 B) Last night I shot a volute.
 C) The top part of the column's more intricate and detailed on the Corinthian one.
 D) The Corinthian column's more detailed, while the Ionic is decorated with a volute capital.
 E) The capital, or top of the column has acanthus leaves, while the Ionic is bare.

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