Dialogue Test - 7

Karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
Arthur :  When will Jane's exhibition take place?
Bill       :  I am not sure; perhaps it will be open by next Monday.
Arthur :  I am really excited to see her pictures; I think they are all her original works, aren't they?
Bill       :  ........................

 A) No, not really. Some are just imitations of other masterpieces.
 B) Yes, but I think it is not only Jane's work.
 C) They are original in their depictions.
 D) Yes, but they are too expensive to buy.
 E) No, they aren't. They are cubic and naturalistic in their style.

Consumer :  Hello, I'd like to make a complaint about some of your point I bought recently.
Switchboards :  I'll put you through to the manager' s office.
Manager's office : Can I help you?
Consumer :  ……………..  It says on the tin it will last two years.

 A) They told me they take no responsibility and that I should speak directly to you.
 B) I painted my garage with it 2 months ago and it's peeling already.
 C) We do all such complaints very seriously but the manager prefers to have them in writing.
 D) I have bought some of your' all weather exterior paint' recently and it's only lasted two mouths.
 E) E) You see, it may be a problem with the surface, not the paint itself

Alan: What I don't understand is why you didn’t telephone to let us know.
Steve: ....................
Alan: I understand that but you don't appear to have tried when you got home, either.

 A) Would you mind explaining why you weren't here yesterday?
 B) All right, we'll forget about it all this time, but you mustn't let it happen again.
 C) I am afraid the buses weren't running just because the park was dosed.
 D) Actually, I tried, but it was rather difficult with a long queue of people and only one call - box
 E) I'm terribly sorry, I couldn't, I'm afraid the trains were cancelled because of the weather.

Derek : Do you remember me telling you I had a strange experience?
Carre : Yes, it was a month ago, wasn't it?
Derek : …………………
Carre : You shouldn't have gone there. You should have forgotten all about it..

 A) She didn't give the address to you.
 B) But I don't remember her address exactly.
 C) Where else could you go after meeting her?
 D) You're a lucky person. It's a perfect place.
 E) That's right. Well, I've just been to the address the girl gave to me.

Rence : Would it the be all right if I took Mike to the park, Mrs. Jackson ?
Mrs.Jackson : I wish you wouldn’t today, Rence. He’s just getting over a bad cold.
Rence : .................................
Mrs.Jackson : No put him to bed earlier, about 8 o’clock.

 A) I see, what about his bed time? 9 o’clock as usual?
 B) Oh, is it because of the cold weather outside ?
 C) That’s fine. Do you think you’ll be home around midnight ?
 D) Well, you know I have an exam at 9 o’clock tomorrow .
 E) Okey, I will put him to bed at 8 o’clock.

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