Dialogue Test - 10

Karşılıklı konuşmanın boş bırakılan bölümünde söylenmiş olabilecek sözü bulunuz.
Husband : (Reading the newspaper) That’s nice. What did you buy?
Wife : I wanted to buy a couple of blouses, but I couldn’t find anything I liked.
Husband : I know what you mean. Food is expensive, isn’t it?
Wife : ................................
Husband : Of course, dear. I am starving.

 A) Do you want me to buy a shirt for you, too, Harold?
 B) Is the article you are reading very interesting, Harold?
 C) Harold, are you reading an article or listening to me.
 D) Harold do you want me to bring you some food?
 E) Harold, are you listening to me?

Leslie: ........................
Renee: Yeah, I guess dad had to learn pretty fast.
Leslie: What about your roommate?
Renee: Well, she had already learnt a fair bit of English at university.

 A) Didn't your parents teach you?
 B) Who took care of you?
 C) School exists because most parents need a break from their kids.
 D) Did your parents hang out with you after school?
 E) After all, your parents probably learned a lot too, just living and working in the United States.

Bert: ………............
Lucia: No, nothing special, but why do you ask it?
Bert: What about having dinner at a restaurant with me this evening?
Sally: Yes, it would be wonderful, thanks a lot

 A) Have you arranged anything special for this evening?
 B) Have you made an arrangement to spend the night with anyone?
 C) Have you made an appointment with anyone this evening?
 D) Are you free after eight this evening?
 E) What do you think you are going to do this evening?

Jack : Phil, I have been trying to call you for ages.
Phil : I didn't expect you to call tonight. I've been out.
Jack : …………………………
Phil : But you needn't have phoned. I know that. You told me yesterday.

 A) I really worried about you.
 B) When we were five years old, we used to play together.
 C) I just wanted to let you know I'm coming home late tomorrow afternoon.
 D) You did not have a chance to come and enjoy the party.
 E) Whatever you do, I will go to Kuala Lumpur.

Nora:  What did you think of the final exam?
Glen:  I was expecting it to be easy, but at the end of the first hour, I was still on the first page. I barely had time to get to the last question.
Nora: ……….................
Glen: Well, it can be said so.

 A) Then you are disappointed, aren’t you?
 B) So you are going to get a high mark.
 C) Some exams are known to be more difficult than others.
 D) You should have had a reliable wrist watch during the exam.
 E) Then you frequently asked the time during the exam, didn't you?

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