Determiners Grammar Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. …….. Jack …..... his classmates were expecting us to visit them at school; so they were very surprised when they saw us.
 A) Both / and
 B) Not only / but also
 C) Either / or
 D) Neither / nor
 E) Neither / or
2. There has been .......... emphasis on preventing heart attacks and ......... cardiovascular and heart diseases, through regular exercise and reducing cholesterol levels.
 A) much / other
 B) a bit / the others
 C) plenty / both
 D) some / most of
 E) none / any
3. ........ was he unable to speak and understand ........ he had difficulty reading the written language as well.
 A) Both / and
 B) Neither / nor
 C) Hardly / when
 D) The more / the less
 E) Not only / but
4. There are a lot of reasons why a manned mission to Mars has never taken place: one is the cost and ....... is the amount of time the astronauts would have to spend on the journey.
 A) some other
 B) every other
 C) another
 D) other
 E) the other
5. I didn't spend as much as ............. in the group on souvenirs, so I brought some money back with me from my holiday.
 A) some
 B) the others
 C) several
 D) the other
 E) another
6. The return of Colombus from his first voyage intensified rivalry between Spain and Portugal, ........... of which sought to guard their own sea lanes and prohibit the incursion of the other.
 A) the whole
 B) all the
 C) each
 D) some
 E) both
7. My father does not feel comfortable in his job and he says it’s because it provides ……..job security ……... a good salary.
 A) both / either
 B) all / some
 C) any / all
 D) each / one
 E) every / any
8. Their beliefs and values will coincide with ........, but they should also be unique with ……... own special faults and traits.
 A) either / or
 B) both / and
 C) such / as
 D) neither / nor
 E) whether / or
9. During the fall months, ......... skiers try to do conditioning exercises, especially ........... that stretch the muscles.
 A) most / those
 B) all / this
 C) none / some
 D) no / this
 E) almost all / same
10. The Armenians who are Christians who live in Syria throw ……. water on a special Saint’s day in mid July for fertility and prosperity.
 A) to each of them
 B) to each
 C) on each other
 D) with each other
 E) another
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