Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 6

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Most of the participants joined to the party concealed the real impression they were under ............. they left without saying goodbye to the host.
 A) when
 B) likewise
 C) however
 D) owing to
 E) whereas
2. Judy didn't seem discontented with your voicing your opinion; ....... she appreciated the opportunity to hear another point of view.
 A) by the way
 B) without regard to
 C) nevertheless
 D) on the other hand
 E) on the contrary
3. Tourists go to the Mediterranean for sun and sea; ……., those who go to Britain are more interested in historical sites and museums.
 A) although
 B) however
 C) because
 D) despite
 E) in contrast to
4. Mercury and Mars appreciably smaller than the Earth. Jupiter,……. , is more than 300 times as massive as the Earth.
 A) therefore
 B) nevertheless
 C) otherwise
 D) on the other hand
 E) in other words
5. ……… some scientists doubt that genetic engineering will ever be practical, ……… it became so, the ability to alter mistaken genes in unborn children would open a remarkable medical frontier.
 A) Despite / when
 B) Even if / until
 C) Not only / but also
 D) No sooner / than
 E) Although / if
6. It was so complicated to sail a sailing ship in the past that boys who wanted to be sea captains used to go to sea at the age of 12.......they could learn their trade properly.
 A) or else
 B) in order that
 C) in case
 D) unless
 E) so long as
7. ........ it is obvious that the whole thing was a waste of time and effort.
 A) Seeing that we couldn't solve anything in the end
 B) None of us wanted to go in the first place
 C) Staff meetings are often boring and have no apparent point to them
 D) Since the results were far more satisfactory than anyone had expected
 E) Except for the fact that everyone thought the food was terrible
8. As the weather conditions worsened and daylight began to fail, .......... .
 A) much earlier than the climbers were used to in their country
 B) then the climbers would have no choice but to turn back
 C) the climbers began considering possible alternative routes
 D) there has been only one alternative left to the climbers
 E) the climbers begin to wonder if they will reach the top
9. A large number of emergency cases were brought to the hospital, ............. .
 A) everyone began to feel a little homesick as the sun went down
 B) but we would have been late if the driver had not known a good shortcut
 C) and it was hard to give the patients prompt attention
 D) although the plane was scheduled to take off at ten o'clock in the mornings
 E) though we certainly enjoyed our day at the surgery
10. ……..… because prices have risen more quickly than incomes.
 A) People in the USA prefer buying big cars
 B) People usually go to work by car
 C) Car insurance became compulsory in many countries
 D) It is not necessary for a family to buy a second hand car
 E) Consumers cannot afford to buy new cars
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