Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 5

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. They were married soon after they met each other, beginning a stormy marital life that, despite its difficulties, would last ……… their deaths.
 A) during
 B) until
 C) when
 D) since
 E) before
2. Alfred Nobel hated prizes; ………, because he did not wish to leave his fortune to relatives, he created the most prestigious prizes in history.
 A) nevertheless
 B) in addition
 C) moreover
 D) despite
 E) whereas
3. He had been looking forward to meeting her, but ............ they were introduced, he found himself tongue-tied and unable to say a word.
 A) whatever
 B) as long as
 C) as if
 D) the moment
 E) provided that
4. She believed that performers were in a position of power because people often related to them and their characters. ……… , she refused roles that did not meet her standards.
 A) Much as
 B) On the contrary
 C) As a result
 D) Nevertheless
 E) Still
5. I had ............ turned up at the party ............ it was announced that it was going to be called off for the remainder of the night.
 A) no sooner / what
 B) both / and
 C) not only / but alsoh
 D) hardly / before
 E) almost / but
6. By nature, I like going out with friends: ............. .there are some days when I get rather moody and feel like enjoying the tranquility of home.
 A) in the course of
 B) besides
 C) on the other hand
 D) in the course of
 E) regardless of the fact that
7. ………. they are often surprised at the differences that exist between their own culture and the culture in the other country.
 A) After people had visited or lived in a county for the first time
 B) If people visited or lived in a country for the first time
 C) Why do people visit or live in a country for the first time
 D) Provided that people visit or live in a country for the first time
 E) When people visit or live in a country for the first time
8. ………..., some prisoners of war had a difficult time adjusting to normal life.
 A) After being captives for three years or more
 B) Although the help they need is temporary
 C) Since one million dollars wasn't paid to the criminal to release the men
 D) Being willing to suffer and bear the pain of another operation
 E) As time will tell whether they will use all their abilities
9. The art of bronze casting in India reached its full development in the South, ……….
 A) where the art has flourished from the 10th century until the present day
 B) for whom this elaborate perfume burner was made in the year 1277
 C) whose pleasant colour makes it popular for ornaments as well as for everyday utensils
 D) which became popular in France in the 15th century
 E) even though cannons were once made of it
10. So as to provide more grazing land for cattle, ……….. .
 A) we have decided to start a new way of breeding
 B) farmers had never considered to be faced such fine
 C) many of the cities have been devastated
 D) considerable acres of rainforest are destroyed every year
 E) the government will let the landowners to sell their crops
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