Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 4

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Though historical novels do give information about locations, they are focused on events, ………. a novel of place often contains a great deal of history, but its purpose is to enlighten the reader about the place.
 A) thus
 B) already
 C) whereas
 D) still
 E) in spite of
2. I had warned him to stay away from that unruly boy; ………… , he continued to make friends with him and ended up with being dismissed from school.
 A) as a result
 B) moreover
 C) even though
 D) otherwise
 E) nevertheless
3. There is some evidence that palmistry, the practice of 'reading hands' ……… gain knowledge about personality, past individual history and likely future events, may have begun in the Stone Age.
 A) Though
 B) Even if
 C) Since
 D) Unless
 E) Due to
4. They spoke to the police about the incident ............. they would not be called as witnesses.
 A) in addition to
 B) so as to
 C) with the aim of
 D) in order that
 E) because of
5. ………... was the ex-president back in his homeland ……… he was arrested again.
 A) Whether / or
 B) No sooner / than
 C) During / when
 D) As long as / so
 E) The sooner / the more
6. Despite her hopes, the team didn't find Sandra's proposal practical; ………. they were all against it on the grounds that it was too Utopian.
 A) on the other hand
 B) inasmuch as
 C) as a consequence
 D) moreover
 E) on the contrary
7. It doesn't matter ……… we go to a traditional Turkish restaurant ……… try the new Chinese restaurant. I just want to eat out for a change.
 A) neither / nor
 B) not only / but also
 C) no sooner / than
 D) whether / or
 E) either / or
8. Even though they gave their son every opportunity to succeed in life, ……. .
 A) he is trying to become the President of the General Medical Council
 B) he showed his parents the greatest respect
 C) why no one ever gave him a chance
 D) he never keeps a job longer than a couple of months
 E) everybody knows that he became a self-made millionaire
9. Though my father hadn't been heard insulting anyone before............ .
 A) I was shocked listening to his abusive tone of speech last night
 B) he doesn't even think of breaking anyone's heart
 C) we were sure that he was above swearing at other people
 D) because he is one of the gentlest boys I have ever known
 E) none of whom is in the habit of using slang
10. ……….... but it was of no matter since nobody asked to see it.
 A) I had forgotten to take my identity card to the examination
 B) The desk was too crowded for him to put his book down
 C) The dog barks fiercely every time someone walks by
 D) She went on to do the cleaning after finishing the cooking
 E) The ozone layer is damaged more and more every year
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