Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Consider all the terms carefully before you go into this business dealing, because……….you have signed the contract, it will be irreversible.
 A) whether
 B) until
 C) however
 D) once
 E) whereas
2. Everyone was surprised when my parents decided to move, because they had lived in the same house ………... before World War Il.
 A) as long as
 B) until
 C) when
 D) for
 E) since
3. Audie Murphy and Terry Bentohen were regarded as historical heroes by American people …...… their fearless attacks towards the enemy forces in World War lI.
 A) although
 B) though
 C) because
 D) despite
 E) owing to
4. Please fix the shelves this weekend; …….., they're going to fall down sooner or later and hurt someone.
 A) nevertheless
 B) otherwise
 C) that is why
 D) on the other hand
 E) therefore
5. It's a good idea to buy several pairs of jeans in the sale ………... you don't need them now, as you will need them eventually.
 A) even if
 B) moreover
 C) otherwise
 D) no matter
 E) although
6. The party was a disaster. The food had run out ………... the guests of honour arrived and the stereo system broke down ………... they walked through the door.
 A) when / until
 B) until / while
 C) as long as / since
 D) just as / when
 E) by the time / as
7. He wasn't intending to buy anything at the Grand Bazaar; ..........., that silk carpet was so gorgeous that he couldn't resist it.
 A) otherwise
 B) whereas
 C) therefore
 D) however
 E) moreover
8. We can provide you with necessary equipment .............. you share your research's outcome with us.
 A) unless
 B) in case
 C) provided that
 D) on condition
 E) so as
9. Johann Winckelmann is regarded as the father of modern archaeology ……….... his careful studies of the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy.
 A) while
 B) despite
 C) thanks to
 D) whenever
 E) since
10. The birds sanderlings have only three toes on each foot — they have no hind toe ……… , they have no difficulty balancing on one leg for long periods of time.
 A) Moreover
 B) Nevertheless
 C) Otherwise
 D) In addition to
 E) Whereas
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