Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 7

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. ………. its own special conditions, the Earth is in some ways similar to the other inner planets — the group of planets closer to the sun.
 A) Even though
 B) Due to
 C) Despite
 D) unless
 E) However
2. There is much more today for the children to learn than in the past; ……… , the curriculum of elementary and secondary schools is quite tough.
 A) however
 B) thus
 C) in case
 D) otherwise
 E) nevertheless
3. She phoned some of her friends living some distance away to inform them of the date of her wedding just ……. they hadn't received the invitation she sent them.
 A) in case
 B) before
 C) unless
 D) whenever
 E) so that
4. Most of our aches and pains are treatable, but .......... we're willing to talk about them candidly and accurately with our doctors.
 A) in case
 B) even though
 C) furthermore
 D) only if
 E) though
5. I am newly married to a man who loves me, ....... I have trouble believing that he can truly love me ....... my being 25 kilos over my ideal weight.
 A) but / despite
 B) though / as
 C) as / although
 D) since / however
 E) yet / because
6. Geologists study the composition of the Earth's, materials and the various geological processes …….... locate and exploit the Earth's mineral resources.
 A) in case of
 B) in the event of
 C) in order to
 D) in addition to
 E) in the manner of
7. …….... the Wright Brothers flew their first plane in 1903, Jean-Francois Pilatre had already become the world's first human flier 150 years earlier by using a balloon.
 A) Instead of
 B) Whether or not
 C) If only
 D) Nevertheless
 E) By the time
8. Bob had a very busy day at the office ……… had he walked through the door in the morning ......... the phone started ringing.
 A) whether / or
 B) hardly / when
 C) not only / but also
 D) neither / nor
 E) both / and
9. Mehmet felt left out of the conversation because he could not speak any English, ........ his colleagues were fluent.
 A) besides
 B) unless
 C) despite
 D) whereas
 E) even if
10. In Germany, termination of pregnancy is legally possible only ............ a woman has consulted one of the country's 1,690 counselling centres.
 A) When
 B) if
 C) though
 D) after
 E) Because
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