Adverbials & Transitional Words Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. These days, young people had better go to university ……..….they want to spend their lives doing boring and unsatisfying jobs.
 A) unless
 B) in case
 C) or else
 D) now that
 E) so that
2. ........... Henry Ford had originated the assembly line for producing relatively cheap automobiles, he altered people's fives radically.
 A) Despite
 B) Whenever
 C) As if
 D) Owing to
 E) Once
3. When I saved up enough money to pay the agent, I came to work in Egypt,....... my family could live a better life.
 A) in case
 B) before
 C) that
 D) in order to
 E) so that
4. Building a new factory in the area will provide much-needed employment for the local people; ..........., it will cause quite a lot of damage to the environment.
 A) likewise
 B) even though
 C) that is why
 D) on the other hand
 E) however
5. Before I came to Istanbul, I worked in a department store in Gambia, but ........ my father passed away, the responsibility to take care of my younger sister fell on my shoulders.
 A) only when
 B) because
 C) though
 D) so that
 E) in order to
6. Antelopes have moderately developed brains and acute senses of smell and hearing. These, ……… their unusual speed, help them detect any danger quickly and leap to safety.
 A) whereas
 B) likewise
 C) in addition to
 D) no matter
 E) furthermore
7. The police were sure that the fire was started deliberately; ……… , they knew who actually set the building on fire.
 A) however
 B) therefore
 C) otherwise
 D) moreover
 E) no matter
8. I was driving in rush-hour traffic ............. without warning the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes.
 A) only if
 B) as far as
 C) when
 D) because
 E) owing to
9. ......... there is a single person going hungry all day in our age, we have ample reason to be ashamed of ourselves.
 A) So long as
 B) Unless
 C) Even though
 D) In relation to
 E) Even if
10. ........... she had failed at love, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. "We are in control of our own lives. We are bettered by meeting other people" she says.
 A) When
 B) Even if
 C) As though
 D) However
 E) Because
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