Reported / Indirect Speech Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. My wife said she didn't know we …….. then and added that in that case she would have to wash the dishes after coming back home.
 A) had been left
 B) had to leave
 C) were being left
 D) would have been left
 E) were left
2. When I approached my friend about the money he owed me, he said that he ........, but he ......... able to get to the bank.
 A) had been paying / won't be
 B) is paying / wasn't
 C) would have paid / isn't
 D) was paying / hasn't been
 E) had been paid / hadn't been
3. We asked at the lost property counter whether a pink and blue bag ......... but the assistant told us that no one ........ in anything fitting our description.
 A) was found / has been handed
 B) is being found / would have handed
 C) will have found / is going to hand
 D) had been found / had handed
 E) might have found / will be handing
4. The painter has assured us that he ......... the decorating by the weekend as he promised.
 A) will have completed
 B) had been completing
 C) has completed
 D) completed
 E) would have completed
5. People say that some fanatics ………… at the team captain as soon as opposite team ………… the first goal.
 A) swear / scored
 B) will swear / score
 C) swore / scored
 D) has swore / scored
 E) was swore / was scored
6. Mr Partridge, the customer is asking whether he ......... the suit back if it ......... his son.
 A) would bring / won't fit
 B) was bringing / hadn't fitted
 C) is bringing / didn't fit
 D) could have brought / hasn't fitted
 E) can bring / doesn't fit
7. The manager complained that the cleaners ......... at the time and wondered who ......... them permission to leave early.
 A) wouldn't be working / will give
 B) wouldn't work / will be given
 C) aren't working / are giving
 D) hadn't been working / had given
 E) weren't working / have given
8. The kidnapper said he ............. his victim until the family ............. a considerable amount of ransom.
 A) would never release / had paid
 B) didn't release / would get paid
 C) wouldn't release / would be paid
 D) was never releasing / had been paid
 E) hadn't released / would have been paid
9. My relatives said that they ……. to Greece for their holiday if they ……… how nice Turkey was.
 A) won't be going / know
 B) won't have gone / have known
 C) wouldn't have gone / had known
 D) didn't go / would have known
 E) weren't going / knew
10. Science fiction writers ……. that in the future, with new material and greater knowledge, their vision …….. reality.
 A) believed / had become
 B) believe / will become
 C) have believed / became
 D) believed / became
 E) believe / would become
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