Relative Clause Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Only 35 km of sandbags were keeping the river from wiping out the centre of the city, parts ......... have been under water for more than six weeks.
 A) in which
 B) from which
 C) of which
 D) where
 E) about which
2. The summer house ......... he was killed is indeed accessible at one entrance, …… the ordinary doorway looked down the garden.
 A) where / why
 B) that / who
 C) where / what
 D) in which / which
 E) which / that
3. Forsyte Saga relates the story of Bogumil and Barbara …….. were born of landowning families whose fortunes are declining.
 A) both of whom
 B) each of which
 C) neither of whose
 D) none of them
 E) those who
4. Only two of the students ……. attended the maths course from a college could tell the exact solution.
 A) some of which
 B) whose
 C) in which
 D) none of whom
 E) both of whom
5. De Sica worked well with nonprofessionals, …….. he was able to elicit masterful performances.
 A) of which
 B) from whom
 C) for which
 D) which
 E) whose
6. In border operations, in Edirne, twenty-six fugitives, twenty-five ……….. were foreigners coming from South Africa, were captured yesterday while trying to enter Greece illegally.
 A) of which
 B) which
 C) when
 D) of whom
 E) whose
7. Delaware is one of the English founders of Virginia, in respect ……. Delaware Bay, the Delaware River, and the state of Delaware were named.
 A) after what
 B) on which
 C) to whom
 D) where
 E) for whom
8. The man .......... the manager hired was not the man .......... he originally offered the job to.
 A) which / that
 B) that / which
 C) whom /——
 D) whose / when
 E) who / that
9. The book ......... I just mentioned to you is by the same author......... wrote 'The Last of the Mohicans'.
 A) whose / ——
 B) who / which
 C) what / why
 D) where / when
 E) —— / who
10. Railways are a form of land transportation ........... a permanent roadway with parallel rails …….... provides a track for cars drawn by locomotives.
 A) of which/what
 B) in which/ ——
 C) where / whose
 D) who/which
 E) which / that
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