Relative Clause Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. You may hear stories about girls ……. are star players in the school team, but they can not play in important official games.
 A) who
 B) which
 C) whom
 D) where
 E) about whom
2. Worldwide, more than a billion people live in communities …….. don't meet the basic air quality standards set by the World Health Organization.
 A) whom
 B) where
 C) ——
 D) which
 E) whose
3. Dakar was founded in 1857-----the French built a fort on the site of the modern Place de I'lndependance.
 A) where
 B) that
 C) who
 D) when
 E) which
4. De Long was an American explorer ……. Arctic expedition gave evidence of a ocean current across the polar regions.
 A) when
 B) where
 C) that
 D) which
 E) whose
5. Williams counts himself among the 20 percent of adults …….. susceptibility to anger is high enough to threaten their health.
 A) what
 B) whose
 C) where
 D) which
 E) when
6. As rivers are cleaned up, dams removed, pollutants flushed away, salmon are returning to waters everywhere from California to Germany, .......... no salmon had been caught since 1947.
 A) that
 B) which
 C) when
 D) where
 E) whose
7. With the success of "The Criminal"........ was shot on digital video, the organizers expected an avalanche of digital films.
 A) where
 B) whose
 C) which
 D) where
 E) that
8. I'm looking for a good pre-school or day-care centre ........ I can leave my children during the day ........ I am at work.
 A) which / that
 B) that / which
 C) where/when
 D) how / when
 E) who / that
9. People are angry at the new secretary ............ primary subject nowadays is the holiday spot .............. she spent her vacation In last week.
 A) whose / that
 B) who / which
 C) what / why
 D) where / when
 E) whom / that
10. It was Sir Charles Lyell ........., early in the 19th century, devised the theories, methods, and principles on .......... the modern science of geology is based.
 A) whom / who
 B) who / that
 C) where / whose
 D) who/which
 E) which / how
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