Reduced Relative Clause Test - 1

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Adam Yarmolinsky ……. to be a military reformer was a distinguished American public servant of the 1960s.
 A) knows
 B) knowing
 C) known
 D) to be known
 E) to know
2. In 1903 two American brothers .......... Wright became the first man ever ............ an aeroplane.
 A) whose names / that flew
 B) are named / flying
 C) names / to be flying
 D) named / to fly
 E) their names / flew
3. Given the market for decorative antiques, I'd say that the value of the beautiful vase is set …….. considerably in the next few years.

 A) to be understood
 B) having been understood
 C) to understand
 D) being understood
 E) having understood

4. Dagestan has great ethnic diversity, with about 30 ethnic groups and 81 nationalities, …….. speak either Caucasian, Turkic, or Iranian.
 A) some of which
 B) both of which
 C) in which
 D) none of whom
 E) most of whom
5. The scientists stated that the depletion of the ozone layer was due to chemicals ……. in such things as aerols and refrigerators.
 A) to be using
 B) used
 C) to be used
 D) having used
 E) to be using
6. In border operations, in Edirne, twenty-six fugitives, twenty-five ……….. were foreigners coming from South Africa, were captured yesterday while trying to enter Greece illegally.
 A) of which
 B) which
 C) when
 D) of whom
 E) whose
7. The shape resulted from a design ……. the thickness of metal was varied to match the differences in internal pressure.
 A) in which
 B) for which
 C) that
 D) where
 E) which
8. Nitel is another of the companies ......... for privatisation next year, along with Mobile Telecommunications Ltd.
 A) to prepare
 B) preparing
 C) being prepared
 D) to have prepared
 E) prepare
9. You are too indecisive a person ............ up your mind, and what's more, you can act too irresponsibly ............. on at times.
 A) making / being relied
 B) to make / to be relied
 C) make / relied
 D) to be made / to rely
 E) being made / to have relied
10. Statistics ......... by the National Education Association revealed that seventy percent of American colleges offer remedial English classes ........ composition.
 A) reporting / emphasized
 B) to be reported / be emphasized
 C) reported / emphasizing
 D) having reported / to be emphasized
 E) having been reported / emphasize
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