Passive Voice Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. Congratulations! I hear that you ……… to represent us at the National Spelling Competition next month.
 A) would have chosen
 B) have been chosen
 C) would be chosen
 D) have been choosing
 E) will have chosen
2. The landmark agreement on the dangerous gases ....... in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto in 1997 and …….. by 140 nations.
 A) negotiates / ratifies
 B) has negotiated / was ratifying
 C) was negotiated / ratified
 D) had been negotiating / would be ratifying
 E) will be negotiated / will be ratified
3. Because fluorocarbon………….to the depletion of the ozone layer. It ………. throughout most of the western world now.
 A) is contributed/should be banned
 B) contributes/has been banned
 C) will contribute/is banning
 D) had been contributed / is being banned
 E) is contributing/had been banned
4. Though Robert Perry, as the leader of the expedition, ……….. to be the first man to reach the North Pole, he……….by Matthew Henson and four Eskimos.
 A) was considered/had been accompanying
 B) had considered/would have accompanied
 C) has been considering/accompanied
 D) is considered/was accompanied
 E) is considering/had been accompanied
5. The oldest tree in the world ........... to be a bristle cone pine in California, which, at 4.700 years old,…….. for two millennia when Rome was founded.
 A) is believed/had been growing
 B) had believed/grew
 C) would be believed/had grown
 D) was believed/has been growing
 E) has been believed/was grown
6. Once you……….16, you……….to stay out on Saturdays until midnight, but before then, you have to be home by 10.00.
 A) were turning/were allowed
 B) turned/have been allowed
 C) are turning/may have allowed
 D) have turned/will be allowed
 E) turn/will have allowed
7. It ……. that at a level of social discrimination, even talking about women rights ……. by some people as feminism, which is 'bad'.
 A) had been observed / interprets
 B) would be observed / interpreted
 C) has been observed / may be interpreted
 D) is being observed / had been interpreted
 E) is going to be observed / was interpreted
8. While your child ……. enough calories to grow, you …… that she's not getting these calories from the right sources.
 A) is getting / had been worried
 B) may be getting / may be worried
 C) had better get / could have been worried
 D) was able to get / used to be worries
 E) has got / were supposed to be worried
9. The driver …… badly last night and people living nearby ……. the emergency to take him to the hospital immediately.
 A) was wounded / have called
 B) must be wounded / ought to have called
 C) had wounded / had better call
 D) had been wounded / called
 E) might have been wounded / is called
10. The latest confirmed case of mad cow disease in the United States ....... to a beef cow which ……. In Texas 12 years ago.
 A) had traced / is born
 B) would trace / had been born
 C) was traced / will have been born
 D) could trace / may be born
 E) has been traced / was born
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