Passive Voice Test - 2

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. As soon as he learnt that his son ……..…, he …..…. looking for ways to raise the money for her ransom.
 A) has kidnapped/starts
 B) is kidnapped/is starting
 C) had been kidnapped/started
 D) has been kidnapped/will start
 E) was kidnapped/would be starting
2. Throughout the year, several steps …….. to devolve power gradually on the civilian government and ………. representatives.
 A) have been taken / electing
 B) have taken / were elected
 C) took / elected
 D) were taken / elected
 E) are taken / is being elected
3. Seeing how confident he .......... on it, I don't believe that this is the first time he .......... a bicycle.
 A) looks/has ridden
 B) is looking/rode
 C) looked/would ride
 D) had looked/has ridden
 E) has looked/will ride
4. If animals ……. with the proper cages and food, they ……. a relatively normal life in confined surroundings.
 A) used to provide/have lived
 B) have been provided/were
 C) would provide/had been living
 D) were provided/used to live
 E) are provided/can live
5. Salsa, popular music of Latin American origin that ……….. characteristics of rhythm and blues, jazz, and rock, or the dance performed to this music.
 A) has absorbed
 B) will be absorbed
 C) had absorbed
 D) would be absorbed
 E) were absorbed
6. I ……….. my secretary to stay at the office so that she ………. with the visitors while I was busy with the preparations for the banquet over here.
 A) was asking / was dealing
 B) will ask / would deal
 C) have asked / might deal
 D) asked / could deal
 E) had been asked / dealt
7. The extended family system in Western Europe ………. by industrialisation, which tore families apart as members ………. to seek factory employment.
 A) destroyed / have left
 B) destroyed / left
 C) had destroyed / was left
 D) was destroyed / left
 E) had been destroyed / have left
8. Researches ……….. throughout the years among office workers ………. that severe and chronicle diseases are stemming from wrong sitting habits.
 A) are carried / will resolve
 B) carry / have been resolved
 C) carried / have resolved
 D) being carried / resolved
 E) have carried / resolves
9. Tango, a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin with a basic pattern of step-step-step-step-close, ……… by long pauses and stylized body positions.
 A) was characterized
 B) has characterized
 C) had been characterized
 D) is being characterized
 E) is characterized
10. A significant amount of prime farmland …….. over the years as cities grew, transportation network expanded, and factories established.
 A) has been lost
 B) was lost
 C) has lost
 D) had been lost
 E) was being lost
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