Passive & Causatives Test - 3

Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.
1. The boss …….. his personal lawyer ……. the documents.
 A) had / checked
 B) made / checked
 C) got / check
 D) had / check
 E) got / to be checked
2.  Although a one-pound coin ……. several years ago to replace the one-pound note in England, still one-pound notes …….. by the Bank of Scotland and are legal currency there.
 A) has been Introduced/are printing
 B) will be introduced/print
 C) was introduced/are printed
 D) introduces/have been printed
 E) had Introduced/were printing
3. While we were walking across the jungle, our guide ........ our shoes and trousers to protect us from insects.
 A) made us to wear
 B) was made worn
 C) made us wearing
 D) had been worn
 E) made us wear
4. They are going to have the serviceman …………. an air-conditioner tomorrow.
 A) install
 B) installed
 C) installing
 D) install it
 E) may install
5. Mr. Glory was having Eric, her husband, ……….the dining room when we arrived their home.
 A) to clean
 B) to be cleaning
 C) clean
 D) cleaned
 E) to be cleaned
6. A special program .......... to instruct zoo keepers how to handle African elephants in order to reduce the amount of injuries and deaths occurring when feeding or cleaning these huge mammals.
 A) will be implemented
 B) has implemented
 C) was implemented
 D) had been implemented
 E) has been implemented
7. Your garden is big enough. Why don't you ........... someone ............ a swimming pool?
 A) have / build
 B) have / to build
 C) get / build
 D) get / building
 E) have / built
8. Mr. Young was made ........... an electronic toy to his son on his last birthday.
 A) to buy
 B) to be buying
 C) having bought
 D) bought
 E) buying
9. When Dianne Feinstein ……. San Francisco's mayor in 1979, she …… the title of being the first woman to serve as the mayor of a major American city..
 A) has been elected/gains
 B) was elected/gained
 C) is electing/Is gaining
 D) had elected/was gaining
 E) would have elected/had gained
10. The 100th anniversary of Wimbledon ….… in 1977, but because of interruptions by two world wars, by 1978 only 92 men's tournaments …… .
 A) would be celebrated/were played
 B) has celebrated/have been played
 C) was celebrated/had been played
 D) had been celebrated/were being played
 E) was being celebrated/had played
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